Trends in compliance: did our predictions come true? What's next?

Bill Hauserman, senior director, compliance solutions at Bureau van Dijk and Keith Furst, managing director at Data Derivatives discuss which of their predictions came true and what the future holds for compliance teams and processes. The discussion is moderated by Lynn Olsen, senior director, global marketing and events, Bureau van Dijk.

It's a good time to be in compliance, according to Data Derivatives' Keith Furst. He joins Bureau van Dijk's Bill Hauserman to look back at some of the predictions they made in a 2017 webinar "Channelling big data through RegTech—now is the time to future proof your due diligence programme" and consider new trends in risk and compliance that technology could help facilitate.

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Virtual Terrorism: 21st Century Cyber Warfare

Keith Furst of Data Derivatives interviews Daniel Wagner, author of a new book, Virtual Terror: 21st Century Cyber Warfare. They discuss the ways that governments strategically use cyber warfare, how the 'virtual caliphate' recruits terrorists online as well as the future threats posed by new technologies like biometrics, drones and self-driving cars.

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