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AI Supremacy –Futurist Author Talk with Wagner and Furst

  • WeWork 115 Broadway 5th Floor New York, NY 10006 United States (map)


The US’s lead in the Global AI race is not assured. What are the geopolitical and technological implications of China’s rise, Globalization and the increase in cyber-warfare? Is the world getting riskier? What does this mean for our careers, education and governance?

Join the Brooklyn Futurist Meetup Wednesday, November 7 as we address related issues with AI Supremacy’s authors Daniel Wagner and Keith Furst. Our WeWork host is conveniently located at 115 Broadway - 5th Floor, Manhattan.

Our Speakers:

Daniel Wagner is the founder and CEO of Country Risk Solutions and a widely published author on current affairs and risk management. Prior to forming CRS, he was Senior Vice President of Country Risk at GE Energy Financial Services.

Keith Furst is the Managing Director of Data Derivatives, a consulting firm focused on implementing, validating, and fine-tuning financial crime systems. He has many years of extensive consulting experience working for a wide variety of financial institutions focusing on the documentation, design, model development, implementation, calibration, and validation of financial crime systems.

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More About AI Supremacy: From globalization to jobs, financial services to the role of governments, the nexus with cyber risk to spying, and from China’s quest to international relations, Wagner & Furst have delved deeply into the subject matter.

The race for AI supremacy is about anticipation, adopting the right mind set, and having the right resources, a futuristic orientation, and the ability to execute. While few organizations and governments have achieved the right mix to lead in the race for AI supremacy, those that have already possess a substantial lead. Those that have not are simply falling further and further behind.

Can those that are not already in the race, get in the race with any realistic hope of catching up? Can those who are already in the race ever catch up with the leaders? Who will win in the end? Should AI be feared or embraced? These are among the many questions Wagner and Furst explore in this enticing book.

About the Brooklyn Futurist Meetup:

Admission is $8 which covers light snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments.

Our WeWork venue holds about 40 seats, more if some of us stand.

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